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One of my tickets won, how do I get paid?

Any winnings up to € 2500 will be automatically transferred to your user account on our website. From there you can withdraw the won amount, using any method that has previously been used for a purchase or deposit, or by bank transfer. Bank wire transfers may incur a small fee.

To make a withdrawal, your balance must be at least € 10,00. Also, we will require sending of documents, like a scan of your ID, credit card, and a scan of a recent utility bill in your name, in order to verify your identity.

Before you withdraw, please make sure your player account has your complete data (name, address, zip code, etc. – the data must match the provided documents).

If your winnings are higher than € 2,500, our support team will be in contact with you, as additional steps are required to get your payout. We will inform you via e-mail about all requirements. Your claim will then be forwarded by us to the relevant lottery commission.

Our customer support will take care of you during the entire process.

For those higher amounts, payments will be made directly by the lottery commission of the lottery that you played. You can receive your winnings via a bank transfer or a check.

You also have the option to collect your winning ticket by traveling to the country where the lottery took place. We will arrange the handover of the original ticket to you. You can then claim your winnings in person. This is an option, not a requirement.