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About Quina Lottery

Buy Tickets for Quina Lotto

Are you ready to start playing a brand new lotto game online? Well then you’re going to want to look at Quina Lotto. This game, out of Brazil, allows you to choose five numbers and gives you four different tiers that you can win in. If you match at least 2 balls you will get a prize.

Buying and Paying

If you’re ready to buy your tickets for the next Quina Lotto drawing you want to check out Once you’re there you can choose the game you want to play and then start picking out your numbers. It’s really that simple.
You get to choose 5 numbers with Quina Lotto so you get to decide what numbers you want or you can choose an easy pick where the computer system will choose the numbers for you. From there, you just have to put in a payment method so you can purchase your tickets and be ready to go. You get to choose from several different payment methods as well.

Did You Win?

Once the drawing is over and you’re ready to check your winnings all you have to do is head back to We’ll show you a comparison of your tickets with the winning numbers so you know immediately what you’ve won. And we’ll take care of getting you the winnings from your ticket as well.

If you didn’t win, you’ll still be able to take a look at the winning numbers so you can see what you might want to play the next time.