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Lotto Austria Results

Austrian Lotto Winning Numbers

Where are you going to find the Austrian Lotto winning numbers after the drawing is over? All you have to do is log onto our website where you purchased your tickets and the numbers will be there for you.

Checking the Latest Results

With you can find the latest results for all of your favorite games available directly on our website. You don’t have to worry about a thing because it’s all going to be right there. But if you bought your own tickets it’s actually going to be even easier to find the right results

Checking Your Results

If your tickets have the Austrian Lotto winning numbers you’ll know it right away. That’s because you just log in to your personal account, check out ‘My tickets’, and see which numbers match the winning numbers from the latest drawings.
Any tickets that you buy for any game will be available here and you’ll be able to see which numbers you have in common with the winning ticket as well as what you may have won. If it’s an amount up to €2500,00, it will even be deposited into your account for you right away.

Austrian Lotto Results Archive

Once you know the current Austrian Lotto winning numbers you may want to know some of the old ones. All you have to do is check out the results archive and you can see which numbers have won in the past and which ones tend to win most often.