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International lottery Results

Here, week by week, we publish the latest winning numbers and results from all international lotteries for which you can buy tickets from us.

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The results come from the official lottery operators. They will be published here immediately after the draw. That way, you can quickly compare your tickets against the winning numbers and see if you have won. You can also see the amounts of the winnings that correspond to the respective prize tiers by clicking on the name of the lottery. This will also tell you whether the last jackpot was won or not.

Past Results and winning numbers

We also show you the draw numbers and results for the past weeks. Of course, if you want, you can use this information about international lotteries to choose the numbers for your next lottery tickets.

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Hot and cold numbers

results lotteryWhen you check the past results of the international lotteries, you can also see which numbers have been drawn a lot in the various lotteries. At the same time, you can look out for numbers that are not showing in the results. That way, you can define hot and cold numbers from past lottery results. Many players use this information to pick their winning numbers. This is a strategy that promises to be successful.

Likewise, you can use the winning numbers from the last week or weeks to create new combinations for your next ticket. An example would be to use, for a Powerball ticket, the first number of the last Megamillions draw. Or you can use the second number from the results of Euromillions and the third number from the Eurojackpot and so on.