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Saturday Lotto winning numbers and results

As soon as the draw is finished, the results for Saturday Lotto will be displayed here. The info includes the winning numbers, the estimated next jackpot, and the prize amount for the various prize tiers.

If you want to see information on past Saturday Lotto draws, you can use the archive by clicking on the date dropdown menu. The archive shows the info for the past three years.

Numbers drawn and payout details for all other lotteries

Saturday Lotto

For a side-by-side overview of all the latest lottery draw results, click the main “Results” menu on top. That brings you to a page with all lotteries. On that page, you can see the last drawn numbers, as well as the total amount of money paid out for every single lottery.

You can also use this overview of winning numbers to get some ideas about which numbers to pick for your next lottery ticket (for the Saturday Lotto or any other lottery). Use “cold” numbers (numbers not showing in any of the last results), or hot numbers (numbers that have won in multiple lotteries). Or you can mix cold and hot numbers and add some of your own lucky numbers!

The easiest and quickest way to check whether your ticket has won

winning numbers

To compare the winning numbers against the numbers you picked for your ticket, you can also click the top right menu “My account/My tickets”. In this area, you can see all past and active tickets. In one column, you can immediately see whether one of your tickets has won, as well as the amount of the prize.

Click on the magnifying glass symbol (on the right hand side) for any ticket, and you will see the draw results and your numbers next to each other. Also, all numbers on your ticket matching the draw will be conveniently highlighted.