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How to Buy Tickets for the French Lottery Online

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Are you looking for a new game to play but you’re not sure which one it should be? Well, if you’re still on the fence then you should be taking a look at how to buy tickets for the French Lottery Online.

This is going to be one of your top picks once you know how it works because it’s going to be simple, easy and fun for anyone who loves lottery. After all, it’s all about getting those big numbers and possibly winning that great jackpot, right?

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Where it Started

You might actually be surprised to know that the lottery in France goes back all the way to 1505. King Francis the 1st started it with his citizens, but the game has continued to change quite a bit over time. Still, the general process is going to be quite similar to what you’ve probably seen in any other lottery game that you’ve played. And you’re going to have the opportunity to play for some pretty good prizes, which is definitely going to be an important aspect, don’t you think?

How it Works

With the French lottery, there are actually drawings three days of the week, so you’re going to have plenty of opportunities to play. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday they do a new drawing and this is going to make it one of the more frequent jackpots. That’s even more important when you think about the fact that the jackpot here is going to be one of the larger ones. Where a typical daily lottery jackpot is quite small and the weekly or bi-weekly draws are quite large, this one is going to come in closer to that large category for how frequently it pulls.

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On top of the frequency of the drawings, the game is super simple. The way you’re going to win is if you have all five of the numbers correct and you get the correct bonus ball. So, there are six different numbers that are going to be called out and you could end up with the big jackpot, which is generally going to be €2,000,000. That’s definitely going to be a good amount of money, right? And that’s where the jackpot starts, and it continues to go up from there. That means there’s always a good chance you’ll win more than that.

Choosing Your Numbers

There are a number of different ways that you can choose which numbers you want to play. In fact, it’s going to be entirely up to you in the same way as if you went down to the convenience store on the corner to play. You can fill out a ‘slip’ with the numbers that you want or you can choose just to get an ‘easy pick.’ If you fill out your own numbers you’re guaranteed to have those numbers that you wanted. On the other hand, an ‘easy pick’ means that the machine is going to automatically generate numbers for you.

How to Win

When it comes to actually winning anything you need to take a closer look at those numbers. As long as you get the bonus number you will win something. If you get two of the regular numbers but not the bonus you’ll also win something. And for every additional number you have over that you’re going to win a little more and a little more. The best ways to win are going to be with four of the numbers plus the bonus or with all five of the numbers plus the bonus. Having only five numbers without a bonus is actually not as good of a win.

How to Buy Tickets for the French Lottery Online

When you’re ready to buy the first thing you need is a place to do it. You’re not going to be able to walk own to your local convenience store the way you might when the mood strikes you for some local games. Instead, you’re going to need to get online and find a reputable dealer that can help you (which shouldn’t be a problem for you, right, you’re already here). You’ll also be able to get all of the same benefits you would if you happened to live in France and could buy the tickets locally. So, you don’t have to sacrifice anything.