How to play lotto online in the UK

Lotto fans in the UK have a number of options to play lotto in the traditional way. But when you play lotto online from the UK, you have even more options. Some of those options may even be new for you. We are going to explain which lotteries and lotto jackpots are available for citizens of the UK.

Your national lottery

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The UK, like most other countries, has their own lotto, or even several lotteries to choose from. Even in the age of the internet, most people play lotto the old fashioned way. They buy their lotto tickets at their local supermarket or lotto shop, and most lotto players do this week after week, for many years.

But this way of playing lotto is kind of inconvenient. So in recent years, there has been a growing tendency to play lotto online, in the UK as well as in other countries of the world. After all, people buy all kinds of stuff on Amazon, eBay or other online shops, so why not lottery tickets, too?

Does your local or national lottery have an online presence?

Well, if it does (and most lotteries do), there is your first option. Instead of visiting your local lottery retailer, you can get your tickets for the next lottery draw by simply going online. There is one catch though – most lotteries require for you to register a customer account first, and that is something that can only be done at the lotto retailer in your neighborhood, where you have to show ID to prove that you have the minimum age required to legally participate in the lottery.

What about other lotteries?

That is where things really get interesting. Once you decide that playing lotto online from the UK is more comfortable, you should know that you can even participate in lotteries from other countries. Those are lotteries that you cannot buy tickets for at your local shop. And the whole registration process is so much easier as well. Check out our website to find out more about it. One good place to start is our FAQ section – if you are new to this, you will find most of your questions about playing lotto online answered there.

lotto online for UK citizens

You would be surprised to see how many lotteries there are. Take a look at our list of lotteries: it includes Powerball (both the US and the Australian version!), Mega Millions, Eurojackpot, Euromillions, Italy’s Superenalotto, El Gordo and the various national lotteries of a number of other countries.

But what advantages do I have when I play lotto online?

Well, that is quite obvious: you have more choice of jackpots. And most importantly, you can avoid investing your lotto money for tickets which only promise small jackpots. And it is important to look at the risk versus reward ratio. Let’s assume your local lottery has a jackpot of 2 million euros, and a ticket costs 2 euros. On our website, you can play, for example, Mega Millions USA, and a ticket would cost you just over 4 euros. But the minimum jackpot for Mega Millions is 40 million euros – what is the better deal? And what if the jackpot were 200 million euros? The advantage is obvious. You can just choose the jackpot that is currently the largest at any given time.

Once you discovered this option of participating in international lottery draws, you may decide not to buy tickets for your local lottery any longer. Playing lotto online from the UK simply gives you a better chance of winning larger prizes and it is more convenient as well.