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Let’s face it, all of us at some point have wanted to win the lottery. While you must be feeling lucky today, the odds of your being the jackpot winner could be close to one in 300 million. It’s more likely that your next startup will become successful before you become the jackpot winner. However, it is still enthralling to try your luck at the lottery. What if we tell you that you can up your winning odds by choosing these most popular numbers in lotto?

popular lotto numbers

So, don’t get too idealistic when it comes to winning the lottery. Try to up your odds with these most popular numbers in lotto!

Yes! You read it right! Although if you talk to a mathematician, he will tell you that each number has an equal probability of getting drawn, but if you check the stats, you might conclude that it’s a long way to reach that long-run average. Some numbers are more likely to get drawn in the short run, just like rolling 4 6s in a row on your lucky day.

Most Popular Powerball Numbers

Let’s start with the big name, the US interstate lottery, with huge jackpots every Wednesday and Saturday. You have to choose a total of 6 numbers. The first five can be any numbers from 1 to 69, while the last one, or the Powerball number, should be between 1 and 26.

If you want to win the 10 figure jackpot, you must match all 6 numbers; however, there are 8 other prize tiers for partial matches. If you choose the correct numbers, your approx. overall odds become 1 in 25. Don’t you think these are the better odds? They sure are!

Popular Powerball First 5 Numbers

Now you know why you should have a strategy while picking your lotto numbers. Lately, the number 23 has been the most drawn number in the five main numbers. It has been drawn 60 times! Other common numbers are 32, 61, 53, 69, and 21 in the order of highest to lowest times drawn.

Popular Powerball Numbers

Finally, the most picked Powerball number is 18, being drawn 33 times! However, other popular numbers are 24, 21, 4, 13 & 3.
So now, with these, don’t your odds look better? They sure do! Try these the next time instead of your wife’s birthdate, and you might end up getting your wife the best present she ever wanted.

Most Popular Mega Millions Numbers

mega millions numbers

Mega Millions is a competitive offering to Powerball, being the US interstate lottery and 8 tier prize structure. The only difference is that you have to select 5 numbers from 70 possible numbers and one Megaball number from 25 numbers from the second pool. A complete match gets you the jackpot. Stats suggest that the because of prize rollovers and the jackpot has exceeded USD 500 million since 2017.

Isn’t that a lucrative sum? Though it can vary over time, but winning a jackpot can never be worth anything less than a significant amount.

Popular Megaball First 5 Numbers

For the first 5 numbers, the most popular one is the number 10, drawn 40 times, closely followed by 14, 4, 31, 17, 48.

Popular Megaball Numbers

22 is the most popular Megaball number drawn 23 times! Other popular numbers for the Megaball number are 11, 10, 9, 25, 19.

With these, your odds of winning the Megaball can be a lot better. You still have to choose the right combination, but that’s still easier than picking from a larger pool.

Most Popular EuroMillions Numbers

We have even found out the most popular numbers for the EuroMillions lotto for our European friends, played in 9 European countries. The jackpot can exceed 100 million Euros at times.
Its draw is slightly different from the above two because you have to choose 7 numbers instead of 6. That makes the odds more difficult. The first 5 are picked from 1 to 50, and the next 2 lucky star numbers are chosen from 1 to 12.
It is only fair that EuroMillions has a 12 tier prize structure for partial and full matches because of its increased difficulty.

Popular EuroMillions First 5 Numbers

The most common number for the first five numbers of this lotto is 20, which has been drawn 62 times. Further, 27, 23, 39, 15, 17 closely follow.

Popular Lucky Star Numbers

The most popular lucky star numbers are 2 and 3, drawn 103 and 97 times, respectively. Others that closely follow are 6, 8, 4, 12.
Picking these might make you the next jackpot winner, but you can’t remove the chance factor out of the lottery. So, take your chance and see for yourself.

Wrapping Up Popular Lotto Numbers

Now you are all set to take your pick and win it bigger than you would normally. However, nothing can beat the luck factor, so if you feel lucky, you should just go ahead and try your luck.
However, most times, these popular numbers in the lotto work wonders. If you have to take a chance, you might as well do it strategically. So, go ahead and check out all the different lottery options available on our website, and place your bets now!