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Why is it better to buy your tickets online?

Like most things, buying online instead of the classical way of purchasing in a shop has become increasingly popular with lottery fans as well. Not only is it more convenient, but online lottery services also offer a wider variety of options. Buying lottery tickets in your shop will work for you if you want to participate in your local or national lottery only. The problem is that you are paying the same amount of money for a ticket, no matter how high the jackpot prize is.

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Here at, we have more lotteries to choose from. In fact, with our service, you can participate in all of the biggest lotteries of the World. Having more jackpots to choose from means that you can simply pick the biggest ones at any given moment. That means that for the same price, you get a better deal!

Buying your tickets in a safe environment

There are a few criteria you need to check for your own safety. Some are about your payment, some about the service itself. Here is a list of things that an online lottery service should have. By the way, we can assure you that at RedFoxLotto, we take the safety of our clients very seriously, and our service has all the safety criteria covered.

  1. SSL protocol – whenever you make a financial transaction of any kind via a website, this is the first thing you need to check. If the URL of the website begins with http:// instead of https://, you should not trust them with banking information of any kind, such as credit card data or bank account numbers.
  2. Safe payment methods – The more payment methods are available, the safer it is for you. Every payment processor will check and double-check the company running the lottery service, as well as their software, encryption protocols, etc. So the more payment processors you see as available, the safer the website is. At RedFoxLotto, we have all kinds of payment options. We add new options all the time, and we even have Paypal as an option to deposit and withdraw. Paypal has a very strict policy about who they work with, so the fact that they are on board at RedFoxLotto is a strong indicator that you are very safe here.

No. Of course, you have to be of legal age to play, like with any lottery. Other than that, there are no legal issues. Let’s assume you live in a country where, for any kind of reason, it is illegal to hold lotteries. You can still buy tickets online for lotteries that are being held in a different country, like the United States, or any European lottery. The only thing that matters is that you need to be able to pay online, using any of the methods we are offering.

And if you win, you can have your payment transferred via any of our payment processors. If your security (and the safety of your funds) are an issue, you could, for example, use Bitcoin both for your deposit and withdrawal. That way, you are guaranteed that your winnings would be safe from governmental or fiscal oversight.

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So, in conclusion, you can see that at, the safety of our clients, their data and funds are of the utmost importance. That means that you do not have to concern yourself with security issues. Buying tickets for worldwide lotteries online is a 100% safe thing to do if you use our service.