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Thunderball UK is a lotto game that has been around for a while. Lotto Thunderball is not like the Set for Life Lottery where you can win up to £10000 a month for 30 years. However, with a prize of up to £500,000, this is a game worth playing.

Whether you are a lottery enthusiast or you are new to the games, it’s good to examine each game. Not every lottery game will suit your personality and style. So, looking at the pros and cons of each game is a good way to decide what game to play. If you are thinking about Thunderball UK, here are a few things to consider before buying a ticket.

A brief history of Lotto Thunderball

Thunderball UK has been around for several years. Of course, it is nowhere as old as some other lottery games like La Primitiva, which was created in 1763. La Primitiva is the world’s longest run lottery game at over two thousand years old. Thunderball is not that old, though it is an established game.

The Thunderball was created in 1999 and is still running to date. It began with a single weekly draw on Saturdays. But a few years later, the organizers added other draw days. Lotto Thunderball now has four draw days every week.

Although the original Thunderball jackpot was a prize of £125,000, it was later changed to £500,000. So players now have the chance to win Five Hundred Thousand Pounds Sterling by matching the Thunderball numbers correctly.

Pros of Playing Thunderball

lotto Thunderball

For a lotto game that does not have a big jackpot prize, why is lotto Thunderball so popular? There are several reasons why many people play this lottery game.

It is easy to enter. The cost of a line of entry is £1. So, it is easy to buy several lines and increase the odds of winning.

  • There are many draw days. Lotto Thunderball has four draw days in a week. This means that you can win the jackpot four times a week. This is another factor that improves the odds of winning the jackpot.
  • The odds of winning are high. The Thunderball lottery is a small game, and the jackpot is only for £500,000. This discourages some players from participating, but it also means that those who play have a higher chance of winning.
  • There are several prizes apart from the jackpot. Yes, the jackpot prize is great to win, but there are other smaller prizes to be won. To win the jackpot, players need to match all six Thunderball numbers. However, by matching a single number, you can win a prize.

So, you see that there are many good reasons why you should be playing the Thunderball lottery.

Cons of Thunderball Lottery

But, some of the reasons that make Thunderball attractive could also be cons for some players. If you are a big stakes player, then lotto Thunderball might seem too small for you. Remember that the sweepstakes jackpot is only £500,000.

Another disadvantage is that you cannot officially buy tickets for Thunderball online. You need to go to an approved offline vendor to purchase a ticket. However, this is not much of a con because there are legitimate ways around this.

If you live outside the UK and would like to purchase a lotto Thunderball ticket, that is not a problem. Some legitimate agents can do this for you. At we have agents who will purchase your Thunderball tickets no matter what part of the world you live in. the process is straightforward and hassle-free. Get in touch with us today.