Use this tip to increase your chances to win Eurojackpot and Euromillions lotto

You have certainly heard it often enough – there is no system that can guarantee that you will win at the lottery. That is true. But there certainly are strategies to improve your chances.

Be sure to check the last paragraph to see how you can use this strategy when playing Eurojackpot!

Tip #1: Play GG World Lottery instead of Euromillions

This one is easy to understand. Let’s take a look at the payout for both lotteries, side by side (the won amounts vary from week to week, of course, so we have used average numbers here).

prize tiers probabilityGG World Lotto payoutsEuromillions payouts (per April 23th 2020)
5+2 1 in 139 millionMinimum Jackpot of $100 million€23 million
5+11 in 7 million€ 500.000 fixed€ 250.000
5+01 in 3,1 million€ 250.000 fixed€ 17.000
4+21 in 621.500€ 50.000 fixed€ 1.400
4+11 in 31.700€ 700 (average)€ 160
Payout comparison between GG World Lottery and Euromillions

So GG World Lottery is clearly the better choice because …

  • both lotteries use the same numbers structure
  • GG World Lottery does not hold their own draw, they use the numbers drawn at Euromillions instead to determine their winners
  • GG World Lottery offers better payouts

Tip #2: How to increase your winning chances even more

Let’s ignore the jackpot prize for a moment now, although the strategy that we suggest will also increase your chances to win the jackpot.

Take a look at the second tier prize of € 500.000. That prize is worth winning, right? Your odds to win that one is 1 in 7 million. But what if we could improve those odds by the factor of 12, bringing them to 1 in 580.000?

How can we do that? It is quite simple, actually. For GG World Lotto, you have to pick 5 main numbers plus 2 extra numbers between 1 and 12. You should play 6 “lines” with identical main numbers, and make sure that with your extra numbers, you cover all 12 possible extra numbers.

tip increase chances Euromillions lottery
This is just an example for a numbers pick that covers all twelve extra numbers

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That way, if your five main numbers are correct, you will definitely win the second-tier prize of € 500.000, plus six times the third-tier prize of €250.000 – that is a total of € 2 million!

And if you only get 4 main numbers right, you have a better chance of winning € 50.000 (tier 4), because you played 6 combinations of extra numbers. And you definitely win tier 5 for approximately € 700, plus 6 times tier 6 (app. 6 x € 90).

The only downside is, of course, that you have to buy 6 lines. But with a systematical approach such as this one, your chances to win are dramatically better.

What about a system for Eurojackpot?

If you want to have a better chance to win the second-tier prize (which, at the time I am writing this, was € 7,2 million (April 23rd, 2020), you need to buy 5 lines and cover all extra numbers. The “system”, if you can call it that, is similar to the one used for GG World Lottery.

eurojackpot tip
This is what our system would look like for Eurojackpot

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Of course, instead of 1 combination of extra numbers, you now have 5 such combinations. That means you are 5 times more likely to crack the jackpot if your 5 main numbers win. But this is not our main point. It is this one:

If your 5 main numbers are correct, you are guaranteed to win the second tier. In the past weeks, that would have been a win between €4,5 million and € 7,2 million. But you would also win 5 times the tier 3 prize of approximately € 140.000 (with 5 main numbers without any extra numbers)! That is another €700.000 right there.

What if you have 4 of the winning main numbers of Eurojackpot?

Well, in this case, your would win tier 5 once, and tier 6 5 times. Your total win would still be around € 800.


There is no such thing as a guarantee when you play the lottery. It is a game of chance, after all. But this is a strategy that will work to improve your chances, especially because it aims at the prize tiers below the jackpot. Those are definitely worth a shot, and the mathematical probability of winning one of those is a lot better, compared to those for the jackpot. And if you play like this, those odds look even more favorable!