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You may have seen offers on the internet for free lotteries and free lottery tickets. Most of those are scams though. Either those tickets are for lotteries that actually do not exist, or for a lottery where nobody ever wins something.

Free lottery tickets at RedFoxLotto

free lottery

On our website, you do get free lottery tickets, and the tickets can really win prizes. But you have to buy tickets first to get a bonus ticket. I am talking about our bonus ticket offer. This is how it works: When you register with RedFoxLotto for the first time, and you buy a ticket for any lottery, you will get a bonus ticket. The ticket will be for a specific lottery, which will be defined by us. Most of the time, the bonus ticket will be for the lottery with the current top jackpot.

Another way to get additional free tickets is through our Refer-A-Friend program. Once you are logged in, you will see a link in your account that you can use to refer a friend. If that friend clicks on the link and buys at least €10,00 worth of tickets, another bonus ticket will be added to your account. Of course, your friend will also get a bonus ticket, like every new customer.

How to book the free ticket

This is quite simple: if you have a bonus ticket for Euromillions (for example), all you have to do is to go to the Euromillions page on our website, pick numbers for a ticket and click the “Buy” button. Instead of paying for your ticket, you can then use your existing bonus to purchase this ticket. No need to enter credit card data or to make a bank transfer. That’s all! And of course, your bonus ticket will have the exact same winning chances as a ticket that you actually paid for.

What about all those “free lottery ticket” scams?

lottery scam

Behind all of those offers, there is always the same intention: they are meant to get hold of your contact data, like your email address. A working email address is a valuable resource. Either the people offering free lottery tickets will try to sell you something directly (or get you to sign up for some kind of service), or they are building a list of email addresses that they can sell for online marketing purposes.

Either way, instead of winning something with your free lottery ticket, what you will get is a ton of spam email messages in your inbox. So it is best to stay away from those scams. When you sign up with RedFoxLotto, you can be sure that we will never pass your email address on to any type of online marketing service. We do send promotional email messages for our own service from time to time. Also, you will get notified when your lottery tickets have scored a win. So it is important that you make sure that our messages do not end up in your spam inbox. Mark our emails accordingly, or better still, add to your whitelist of trusted domains. Check your email provider’s help functions to find out how to do that.