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It is the huge American lotteries that make the news quite often, but people tend to forget there also great lotteries in Europe. RedFoxLotto gives you access to many international lotteries. Among others, you can also win European lottery jackpots by buying your ticket here. The largest European lotteries are Euro Millions, Eurojackpot, Superenalotto and El Gordo La Primitiva.

What is the upside of the European lotto jackpots?

european jackpots

If you only look at the jackpot amounts, then you may find them significantly smaller compared to Powerball or Mega Millions. But when you take into account that the mathematical chances to actually win a jackpot are far better here, there is more than enough reason to participate and buy a ticket.

To give you an example, the probability of winning the first prize while playing Eurojackpot is 1 in 95 Million, for EuroMillions, it is 1 in 139 Million. Powerball, on the other hand, has odds of 1 in 292 Million. Of course, the fact that Powerball has worse odds is the very reason why its jackpot often reaches incredible amounts such as the current historical sum of $1,500 Million.

Another argument in favor of Europe’s lotteries is the fact that there is a slightly stronger focus on secondary prizes, and also the simple fact that the Euro prizes have higher value due to the exchange rate.

When does it make sense to play the European lotteries?

We suggest that you check their current jackpot size on a regular basis. Here on RedFoxLotto, you can do that in a very convenient way. Normally, you will want to always pick the lottery that offers the highest first prize at the time when you want to play. Given the fact that the minimum jackpot for the big US lotteries is 40 Million before you play any other lottery, it makes sense to wait until the jackpot is at least in the 30-40 Million Euro range.

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There is one special opportunity you must look out for

Eurojackpot has a rather unusual rule that you should always try to take advantage of: Whenever the jackpot reaches €90 Million, it is capped – meaning the first tier prize can never be higher than that. But what happens then is that all incoming funds will be added to the second-tier prize. Due to the fact that more tickets are sold when the jackpot is high, this second-tier prize is now much bigger than usual. Instead of € 1 Million, it can easily go up to €5 Million or more. Since the second tier prize requires you to have the 5 main number and only one additional number right (instead of two extra numbers for the jackpot), your chances to win are a lot better at this point. As a matter of fact, the odds to win the second-tier prize of Eurojackpot are at one in 6 Million, which is a huge difference from the odds for a Mega Millions jackpot.

So the conclusion is that you should definitely not overlook the European lottery jackpots – give them a try, buy your ticket and win online!