This Cleaning Lady Won the Thunderball Jackpot Twice

Over the years there have been many people who have won Lottery jackpots. Gayle Say, a 65-year-old cleaner from Coventry won £1m she won the Thunderball Lottery jackpot twice. She and her husband, Philip Say had been playing the lottery for 25 years with only a few £10 wins. But in a stroke of luck, they won not just one £500,000 jackpot, but two.

Winning twice was possible because Gayle bought tickets that had the same winning numbers. She said that it was a mistake and she almost cancelled the second ticket. But, she decided not to cancel the second ticket.

Winning the Jackpot Let Her Retire Early


Before winning the jackpot, Gayle was a cleaner. According to Gayle, she had to get to work as early as 6 am six days a week. She had worked hard for most of her life and was happy for the chance to retire.

However, for the couple, winning meant that they could help their children and grandchildren. Philip planned to get a car as he had never owned one before. And, he was going to get a roomy car because their grandchildren stayed with them twice a week.

Their story inspired a lot of people. Even though they had played the lottery for so long, they never lost hope. They knew that any day could be the day that they would win the jackpot. Also, winning the jackpot meant a lot to them, beyond what they would enjoy personally. The opportunity to help their children and grandchildren made the couple happy.

Play the Lottery to win

A key element of playing the lottery is the belief that you can win. At least, this is one thing most lottery winners agree on. Gayle and Philip Say did not stop believing that they could win the jackpot. Yes, playing the lottery is mostly luck because it is a game of chance. However, most people believe that the universe has a way of rewarding faith.

Also, what looks like a mistake could work in your favour. So maybe you did not pick the numbers you wanted you might still win. When Gayle picked the second ticket, she could have cancelled it. Instead, she decided to keep it and what looked like a mistake was what turned out to be a £1m win.

The beauty of playing the lottery is that you never know when luck will turn in your favour.

How She Could Win a £1m Jackpot

Gayle and Philip Say won £1m by playing the lottery, but this does not work for all lotteries. It could only have happened that way because they played the Thunderball lottery. The rules of Thunderball allow anyone with a winning ticket to claim the Jackpot. And winners do not have to share the Jackpot. Each winner gets to go home with the £500,000 prize.

Because the couple had two winning tickets, they were able to win two jackpot prizes of £500,000 each. So if you are going to buy multiple tickets, it is a good idea to choose the lottery you play carefully. Games like Thunderball are attractive because if you win the jackpot you go home with the entire amount. Even if there are other winners.

Gayle and Philip Say won £1m from two winning tickets. You could be the next person to win the jackpot. But you can’t win if you do not play. So why not buy a ticket today? You could buy more than one and who knows what will happen? You can go through our list of lotteries on this website to find the right game for you.