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You want to know if you have the winning ticket. If you play often or occasionally, it is a good idea to check the Lottery Thunderball results. Many people have won the lottery and they never got to know because they never checked their tickets. But that is not going to be you because you have your ticket ready. So, here is what you need to know about checking if yours is the winning Thunderball ticket.

How to play Thunderball UK Lottery

The first step is to purchase your ticket if you have not done that already. You might be wondering how to purchase a ticket when you do not live in the UK. Thunderball UK Lotto is a UK based game however, it can be played online. So, you do not necessarily have to live in the UK to play this game.

To play this game, you need to pick five regular numbers and another bonus number. The regular numbers should each be between 1 and 39, whilst the Thunderball numbers should be between 1 and 14. You can also get an automatically generated number if you prefer.

With our system, you can decide how long you want your ticket to be valid for and also the specific days. This option means that you can get several drawings out of that ticket. Which in turn increases the number of Lottery Thunderball results you get.

Lottery Thunderball Results Draw Days

lottery thunderball results

Okay, now that you have your ticket, the next step is to watch for the draw days. Lottery Thunderball Results are drawn four days a week, that is, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. When Thunderball first began, it had only a single draw day on Saturdays. But there are now four days in a week.

How to Check Your Lottery Thunderball Results

There are several ways to check the Thunderball results to see if your ticket has won any prize. The numbers are published on the draw days and you need to check if your ticket has matching numbers.

To know if you have the winning ticket, watch out for the results during the draws. You can watch the draws online or check the website to see if your ticket has won a prize. Thunderball also has an app that you can download for free so you can keep a close eye on the draws.

If you purchased your ticket online from our platform, simply log on to your account to see if you won any prize. We will also notify you through email if you have won a prize.

Claiming Your Prize

Finally, the exciting part about playing the Lottery is winning something. We all want to win the jackpot and if your ticket matches all the numbers, you could win half a million pounds sterling. That is exciting as it could change your life forever.

What is more, you do not have to share the winning prize with anyone. If more than one person matches all the main numbers and the Thunderball, each person wins £500,000. However, you do not have to match all six numbers to win a prize. If you correctly match the Thunderball number, you win a prize of £3 and that’s just the smallest prize. There are nine different levels of prizes in every draw.

Claiming your prize if your ticket wins the Lottery Thunderball results will depend on how you entered to win. If you played online, then your winnings will be paid into your account. If you win the jackpot, we will help you process your winnings. It is important to note that all winnings must be claimed within 180 days.