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Every once in a while, Euromillions holds a Superdraw event. The number of Superdraw events ist limited to three superdraws per year. The dates are set randomly by the lottery commission.

How much can you win?

euromillions superdraw

For each Euromillions Superdraw, the jackpot amount is set to a fixed amount of €130 million. It does not matter what the size of the jackpot was for the previous draw. At this point, will simply be set to €130 million for the date of the announced Superdraw. If the regular jackpot for an already announced Superdraw should be higher than the €130 million at the set date, the Superdraw will be canceled. In this case, the higher jackpot will be applied.

Whenever that happens, you can expect that the lottery commission will wait until that jackpot has been won. Once that has happened, they will announce a date for a new Superdraw. They will usually decide to hold a new Superdraw soon after the date when the old jackpot was won.

When is the next Euromillions Superdraw?

At the time when this post was written, the next Euromillions Superdraw is scheduled for November 20th, 2020.

How can I win the Superdraw jackpot?

euromillions jackpot

To crack this jackpot, you need to have all five main numbers and two extra numbers (star numbers) correctly on your ticket to win.

What if nobody wins the Euromillions Superdraw jackpot?

If nobody wins the Superdraw jackpot on the set draw date, the jackpot will keep growing from the initial €130 million. A large percentage of the funds generated by new ticket sales will be used to increase the jackpot. That means that the jackpot will grow by an amount of approximately €10 million week after week until it is won.

Is there a limit for a jackpot based on a Superdraw?

Yes, there is. There is a general limit for Euromillions jackpots, and that maximum amount is €200 million. But once that amount is reached, the jackpot will still grow until it has been won. Only the way it grows will be different then: For the next 5 draws, the jackpot will go up by a fixed amount of €10 million. And once it has reached a total of €250 million, it will no longer grow.

What happens after the amount of €250 million has been reached?

At this point, your chances of actually winning the jackpot will increase significantly. This is because if nobody wins in the first tier (with 5+2 correct numbers), the winner or winners of the second tier will get the jackpot or a share of the jackpot. And if there are no winners in the first and second tier, the full amount of €250 million will be paid out to all third-tier winners.

That means that a ticket with only the five main numbers and none of the star numbers could win the jackpot. Obviously, your mathematical chance to pick the five main numbers correctly is significantly higher than the odds for 5 + 2 numbers. Actually, you are 45 times more likely to win in the third tier, compared to the first tier.

As you can see, it is definitively a good idea to keep a close eye on those Superdraw events and on the Euromillions results. Although, we will of course inform you of the dates. Whenever a Superdraw is upcoming, we will send you a promotional email about it, so that you do not miss this excellent chance. We suggest that you make sure you get those emails, by adding as a trusted sender with your email service provider. You certainly do not want that Superdraw reminder to end up in your spam filter, right?

When will the Euromillions Superdraw be announced?

The lottery commission will announce the next Superdraw randomly, but usually a few weeks before the actual Superdraw.