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If you have a Bitcoin wallet, then you are probably already using it for all sorts of online payments. The use of Bitcoin makes the most sense when avoiding governmental supervision is important. That is why Bitcoin has become increasingly popular for all kinds of online games and gambling.

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While buying a lottery ticket is widely accepted and not considered to be gambling, many governments are quite suspicious of any gambling activity online. The reason is quite obvious – most countries run their own, government-operated lotteries. Those are meant to generate revenues for the government itself. Of course, any other activity is considered as competition. They may pretend that they have to try and regulate such online activities for your protection, but the real reason is that they fear a loss of income and taxes.

That is also one of the main reasons why government organizations and banks have been bad-mouthing Bitcoin since its inception. They live in fear of a World where Bitcoin allows its population to transfer money in a way that cannot be controlled by them!

Advantages of Bitcoin payments for online lottery tickets

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First off, there is the advantage of anonymity. If you were to live in a country where gambling is illegal, you can still buy lottery tickets, because a Bitcoin payment cannot be monitored by the authorities. Also, if you win, you can receive your winnings in Bitcoin as well, so no taxes (although in most countries, a lottery win is tax-free anyways). Another aspect is transaction fees – they are significantly lower when you use Bitcoin.

Important: you still need to connect via VPN before making payments via Bitcoin, read this article to find out how to do that.

For which lotteries can I use Bitcoin?

You can use your Bitcoin wallet for any of the lotteries that we offer tickets for here at And if you do not have a Bitcoin wallet yet, maybe now is a good time to get one. There are so many ways in which having a Bitcoin wallet is very convenient!