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We have all the big jackpots from all over the world

Practically every country in the world has one or more lotteries, and most of them have jackpots. Some of those lotteries have draws once a week, some twice, some even on a daily basis. On our website, you can easily find a lottery that has a draw event tonight. And with our lottery ticket service, you can get tickets for almost every major lottery.

The hardest part about getting a lottery ticket is not the process of buying it – actually, this is extremely easy and convenient on our site. It is the waiting for the draw. You probably do not want to wait several days to find out if your ticket has won.

Want to find a lottery with a nice jackpot that you could win tonight?

lottery jackpot

Well, you are in the right place. Take a look at the lotteries available. You will see the current jackpot, as well as the number of days and/or hours until the draw. For a list of all the lotteries, sorted by size of the jackpot, check here. It does make sense to consider the size of the jackpot before choosing a lottery. After all, the higher the prize, the better value you get for your money. Keep reading to find out about lotteries that will be holding draws today.

Which lotteries have draws tonight?

See the image below to find out which lotteries draw on which day of the week. This list makes it easy to filter out those lotteries and jackpots that have a draw tonight. The list is based on Central European Time (CET).

So let’s assume you live in Europe, and you are interested in the big US lotteries. Then you have to take into account that if today were Saturday, the Mega Millions draw would not be tonight, because it already happened yesterday. But Powerball would be drawn on Sunday morning, 3.00h Central European time (which is “tonight” for anyone living in Europe).

So the jackpot could be yours tonight, but there is little time left until the draw

weekly lottery draws

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Our service works like this: you order your tickets online, and one of our agents buys the ticket for you and on your behalf. That, of course, requires a little bit of time. So, we cannot get you a physical ticket for tonight’s draw, if that draw is only ten minutes away. Most of the lotteries stop the selling of tickets at some point before the draw. Mostly, that means that one or two hours before the draw, you can no longer buy tickets for the draw of that same night.

So if you were to order, let’s say, a Euromillions ticket on a Friday night at 19.00h CET, you can do that. But then your ticket would be bought not for tonight’s draw, but for the next one, which happens Tuesday next. With tonight’s jackpot draw scheduled for 20.30h CET, it would be too late for us to buy that ticket one and a half hours before. Of course, we would always notify you about that fact. But usually, if you buy your ticket at least two hours before the actual draw, you should still be able to participate in tonight’s lotto jackpot.

Closest draw versus largest jackpot versus best chance of winning?

If you absolutely want to have a chance on a lottery jackpot tonight, without having to wait too long, that is ok. Often enough, the lottery jackpots you would be looking at are not the largest ones. But that should not keep you from playing. Because often enough, it is the smaller jackpots that have one decisive advantage over the large ones. And that is the mathematical probability of winning. And also, tickets for smaller jackpots are often cheaper to buy.

For example, let us take a look at the Spanish Bonoloto. This lottery starts out with a jackpot f €400.000 – that is a relatively small amount. The jackpot usually is over €1 million, though. So you have to ask yourself this: if you were to win that jackpot tonight, would that not be a life-changing win? I am sure it would be. Now consider that your chances of hitting that jackpot are 1 in 14 million. The chance of winning the US Powerball lottery jackpot is 1in 292 million. That is a big difference, right?

bonoloto jackpot

You also should know that Bonoloto holds draws every day of the week, except Sundays! So if you like a lottery that you can play every day, including tonight, Bonloto is a great option. An additional advantage is the low ticket price. So let’s say you wanted to spend €12,00 on lottery tickets for a jackpot you could win tonight, you could buy 8 tickets (or lines or numbers combinations) for that money.