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The simple answer to the question is: yes, you can. In the age of the internet, it is impossible for the government of your country to keep you from buying lottery tickets over the internet. Your government may declare it illegal to run a lottery (or an online lottery ticket service) from their jurisdiction. They may even try to block your access from such sites (which can easily be circumvented by using a Virtual Private Network or VPN to ensure that your IP address is masked and to protect your privacy). But that is all they can do.

Since our service is being brought to you from a company that is located in a jurisdiction where online lottery is perfectly legal, your government has no power to stop our business model. And legally speaking, you are not “gambling” in your own country (which may actually be illegal there), but you are doing it online.

Can I get my winnings without breaking any laws?

Yes. Let’s assume you win a small prize of up to €2500. In this case, we will credit your RedFoxLotto account, and you can cash out that money the same way you paid for your ticket or the same way you made a deposit. For example, if you paid with a credit card, you can get your winnings paid into your credit card account.

If you win an amount higher than €2500, the procedure is going to be different. You will have to fill out a form that we send you online, including instructions on how and where you would like to be paid (check or bank transfer), sign it and send it to us. We will then forward it to the lottery commission, and they will pay you.

Well, first of all, none of the lotteries we are offering has any rules that you have to be a citizen of that specific country to be able to play their lottery. So all those lotteries will pay, even if the winner is a foreigner.

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The only problem is that the two big US lotteries Powerball and Mega Millions, in the past, have insisted that jackpot winners be present for the handing over of the winner’s check, and their names are made public. On the other hand, one winner has recently won a lawsuit insisting he had the right to stay anonymous.

If you were to win one of those US jackpots, we suggest that you get a visa for the US and simply follow the protocol of the lottery. And if it is impossible for you to get such a visa, you can always get a lawyer in the USA (we can help you with that), and that lawyer will make sure you get paid.

One thing that we would advise you if you do not trust your government or your local banks, is to create a bank account in a “friendlier” jurisdiction and cash in your check there.

Does my country of residence matter?

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It does not, at least not in most cases. The only case where it does matter is if you live a) in the US or b) in the Netherlands or one of their colonies, such as Curacao. Why is that so? Because a) it would be illegal for us to buy tickets for the US lotteries in the US in order to sell them to US citizens, and b) because our gambling license is from Curacao, and that license allows us to offer our services to anyone except citizens living under the jurisdiction of the Netherlands. And that includes their colonies, one of which is Curacao.

Asides from those exceptions, we can accept customers from anywhere in the world, and you can legally play any lottery that we offer.

Which lotteries can be played legally?

All the lotteries that we offer on our website can be played by you unless you are affected by any of the exceptions mentioned above.

I am having problems finding a payment option that works for me

This can be an issue. Due to the fact that governments have no legal power to prevent you from playing online, they may try to make it difficult for you to make payment. Also, each one of the many payment processors we can offer you has its own set of rules. Sometimes they simply decline your payment because of their risk assessment, and often enough they do that because of your country of residence, the bank that issued your credit card, etc. This is just a technical issue though and does not affect the fact that it is legal for you to play those lotteries online.

If you experience such issues, we suggest that you try using a different payment method. The methods with the least limitations are Bitcoin and Paysafecards. Use a VPN if necessary. And of course, read our FAQ, and feel free to contact our support if you cannot find an answer to your question in the FAQ.