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Are you interested in the EuroMillions draw history? If you are then you’re definitely not alone because there’s a whole lot of people who want to know more. After all, the more you know about the game the better your chances of winning, right? You want to make sure that you have the biggest opportunity to win the next drawing and we’re going to help you understand everything possible about the way to do just that.

euromillions history

How are EuroMillions numbers drawn?

First, how are the numbers actually drawn? Well, if you know your EuroMillions draw history you know that these numbers are drawn from a large bin. In fact, the numbers are dropped into a round tub that then rotates them around and one at a time numbers drop to provide the five regular numbers. Then, the same is done with a second, smaller tub, for the two lucky star numbers. This gives you all of the winning numbers, which will actually be drawn live. That way, you can watch as each one of the numbers drops and see if your numbers are a match.

What are the payout tiers?

There are a total of 12 different tiers where you can win something through your EuroMillions ticket. In general, if you match at least 2 of the regular numbers you’re going to win some type of prize. If you match 1 number but also match both of the lucky star numbers you’ll also be able to win a prize. The actual prize you earn will vary based on how much the jackpot actually is at the time, but the following combinations can win in order of prize amount. This means you could win with a match of as few as 2 regular numbers or 1 regular number and 2 lucky star numbers.

Regular Numbers + Lucky Star

5 + 2
5 + 1
5 + 0
4 + 2
4 + 1
3 + 2
4 + 0
2 + 2
3 + 1
3 + 0
1 + 2
2 + 1
2 + 0

History of changes in the rules of Eurojackpot

One of the biggest rule changes that have happened in the EuroMillions is the cap that was put on the winning jackpot. The jackpot will freeze after 19 consecutive draws with no winner, and the prize must then be won within 5 draws or the prize is split between those who match the most balls in a lower tier. This keeps the jackpot from rolling over for too long or from getting too large.

historical wins Euromillions

Another rule change occurred in June of 2019 when a new prize level was added for those who match five balls plus one of the bonus balls rather than having to match all five of the regular balls plus both of the bonus balls. There is now a £1 million prize for those who match this smaller number rather than being required to match every one of the numbers from the draw in order to win something.

What were the largest jackpots paid out in 2019?

The absolute largest jackpot in history that was paid out in 2019 was also the second-largest won at £170 million. This was actually in October of 2019. Other large jackpots also occurred in the same month or right around the same month with 3 other winners coming in between £168 million and £169 million in September and October of 2019. These are some of the largest jackpots that have ever been recorded, with 4 of the top 5 happening during this time.

The ten largest payouts in EuroMillions history

When it comes to EuroMillions there have actually been over 2 billion prizes since the game started back in 2004, but when we’re looking at the largest prizes, the jackpots, that’s a far lower number. The largest jackpots are something else to consider.

Jackpot – Won On
€190 Million October 8, 2019
€190 Million August 10, 2012
€190 Million October 24, 2014
€190 Million October 6, 2017
€187 Million June 7, 2013
€185 Million July 12, 2011
€183 Million February 3, 2006
€183 Million November 17, 2006
€177 Million February 23, 2018
€175 Million February 19, 2019

Which numbers have been drawn the most this year?

There are a number of different numbers that have come up frequently over the course of this last year. In fact, the most common numbers are 17, 20, 23, 44, and 39. The most common lucky star numbers are 2 and 3.

If you’re looking a EuroMillions draw history you’re going to want to know which numbers to play for the best odds, and likely just what you could be setting yourself up to win. Hopefully, you know what you need now.